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Notification of product defects in the tape adjuster part of Backpack V2 and Daypack V2.

Backpack V2とDaypack V2のテープアジャスターパーツにおけるテープの通し方に不備があるものが確認されています。


It has been confirmed that the tape adjuster parts of Backpack V2 and Daypack V2 have a flaw in the way the tape is threaded.The problematic individual is not properly taped through the tape adjuster as shown in the image below.





When I put a lot of luggage in the bag, the tape on the shoulder part loosens and the height of the bag is not fixed and it goes down.

We will repair the bag that can be confirmed to be defective free of charge. Please attach a photo of the parts and contact rofmia.

We apologize for the inconvenience to those who use the product in the wrong condition every day. In the future, we will strive for quality control to prevent this from happening.

Thank you.



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