Shoulder pouch

Shoulder pouch

It is a pouch-type shoulder bag.


Round the flexible leather cord and put it in the bag, then it's in the bag-in-the-bag. At the destination, you can change to a side bag.


Pouch portion is soft, uses a lightweight leather.

The round part attached to the tip of the leather cord, you can adjust the length you like the shoulder cord. In addition, shoulder parts reduce burden on shoulder.


Fasteners made in Japan. Silver matte, it has to match the atmosphere of the leather.


M size, small wallet, cell phone, small pouch.

L size is the size that a long wallet, a mobile phone and a paperback book can afford.



Model height 158 cm



Table cattle

Leather cord cow







Vertical 13.5 15.5 side 21.5 26.5 Gusset 6 8


* Model height 168cm


* Although we cut to avoid scratches, wrinkles and spots as much as possible, they may enter the product. I think that those scratches are the original characteristics of leather. Please enjoy the texture.


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