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Men's Collarless Button Jacket

Men's Collarless Button Jacket

S~L  ¥148,000 

XL    ¥153,000


It was this Collarless Button Jacket that was first made as a standard form.

I continued to want to make, sophisticated, powerful, genreless, designs that look great with anyone, and things that I would like to wear forever. This jacket was at the end of these ideas.

With the rising of the side neck, the neck point does not slip outside, the side seams are eliminated, and the softer movement can be made, and a lot of devices have been incorporated in a simple way.

The 23mm domestic buffalo button is fitted to the evenly spaced double piping buttonhole.

When driving a car, etc., squeezing the hooks on the cuffs makes the elbows easier to bend and move.

Made of horse leather, this jacket is flexible, easy to move, and lighter than anything else, so it can be worn on many occasions.

Length is long, so there is room for width, it will be a refined impression.

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  • Data



    Body horse leather

    Lining 45% Cotton Cupla 35% Hemp 20%

    Sleeve lining Cupra 100%


      * With regard to lining, there is a case to change the material without notice.


    Size table



    Length / 61cm

    Width / 98cm

    Hem width / 94cm

    Shoulder width / 43cm

    Sleeve length / 62cm


    Length / 62.5cm

    Width / 102cm

    Hem width / 98cm

    Shoulder width / 44.5cm

    Sleeve length / 63.5cm


    Length / 64cm

    Width / 106cm

    Hem width / 102cm

    Shoulder width / 46cm

    Sleeve length / 65cm


    Length / 65.5cm

    Width / 110cm

    Hem width / 106cm

    Shoulder width / 47.5cm

    Sleeve length / 65cm


    Length / 65.5cm

    Width / 116cm

    Hem width / 110cm

    Shoulder width / 47.5cm

    Sleeve length / 65cm 

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