Patchwork rug

Patchwork rug



It is a rug of patchwork which imaged the old cloth.


We are rebuilding one half of leather. The same thing can not be done because one leather is arranged while seeing the whole balance, it becomes one of a kind thing.


It fits very well in sophisticated spaces such as Japanese tea rooms. The texture of the soft horse leather that is transmitted through the tatami mats is enough to sit down. Deep black refines the space just by spreading. It is very beautiful even if it is used for flooring and the front door.


Because of the lightness of horse leather, it can be hung on the wall. By changing the three-dimensional wall hanging from a flat rug, the look of leather changes.

The leather's original flow of hair, stains, and fine scratches are left while looking at the atmosphere. You can feel the power of unfinished leather only from various angles.


Patchwork also helps hide holes and scratches in leather. Parts that are cut into fine parts can be left as large parts. It is the same as the characteristics of old cloth, and it can use valuable materials for a long time without leaving it. It is the wisdom of the ancestors.


Soft and strong cotton material is used as the cloth.


We accept orders one by one according to the size of the vertical and horizontal desired by the customer. Please measure the dimensions of the place to lay and the place to decorate, and consider.

Price range is divided by size. Please see the price list for details.

This item is completely made to order.

It is price of sleeve size adjustment included.

Delivery time will be around 2 months from order.