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Men's Double Riders Jacket

Men's Double Riders Jacket

S~L  ¥158,000 

XL    ¥163,000


It is a men's double riders jacket.


Inspired by the Riders jacket, it can be worn like a tailored jacket because it is long and has a low waist shape.

By minimizing the number of pockets, and by making the lapel opening smaller, it is minimal and genreless. By applying very thick stitching, it is not only simple but gives a strong impression.


unfinished horse leather is, because it is a deep color, has become a sophisticated clothes. Horse leather is flexible and lightweight, so even double riders jackets that use many leathers can be worn regardless of the scene.

  • About delivery time

    This item is completely made to order.

    It is price of sleeve size adjustment included.

    Delivery time will be around 2 months from order.

  • Data

    Material Body Horse leather Lining 45% Cotton Cupla 35% Hemp 20%

      Sleeve lining Cupra 100%

      * With regard to lining, there is a case to change the material without notice.



    Length / 61cm

    Width / 98cm

    Hem width / 94cm

    Shoulder width / 43cm

    Sleeve length / 62cm



    Length / 62.5cm

    Width / 102cm

    Hem width / 98cm

    Shoulder width / 44.5cm

    Sleeve length / 63.5cm



    Length / 64cm

    Width / 106cm

    Hem width / 102cm

    Shoulder width / 46cm

    Sleeve length / 65cm



    Length / 65.5cm

    Width / 110cm

    Hem width / 106cm

    Shoulder width / 47.5cm

    Sleeve length / 65cm



    Length / 65.5cm

    Width / 116cm

    Hem width / 110cm

    Shoulder width / 47.5cm

    Sleeve length / 65cm

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