Haori Hemp · Cotton × Nylon

Haori Hemp · Cotton × Nylon

I made Haori with a Japanese atmosphere.

Hemp is black and black, and the texture with a sense of shari is very cool and is a moderately glossy and elegant fabric.

Cotton × nylon is a khaki, moderately tensioned, paper-like dry texture material. It is light and can be worn all year.


rofmia uses a Japanese-style building. We made it under the influence of Japanese life. What we wore as work clothes is finished more elegantly by changing the fabric feeling.

Unisex size. If you are a woman, you can wear it by closing the hook hooks. You can also wear cuffs folded back.


The silhouette which has a shoulder width and a width width does not choose clothes to match. Calm texture is very elegant. Adjust the silhouette with the tassel attached to the back, you can wear in the form of your choice.


The pattern is raised based on the clothes. There is a center vent on the back, and I also consider mobility.


By connecting the straight front edge and tassels, we create a Japanese atmosphere. You can remove the tassels for cleaning.

By replacing the tassels on the back loop, you can combine the back clearance like a trench coat. The silhouette fits well and the swaying tassel is very light.


It is a price with two tassels. It is also possible to change it to 4 tassels as an option.

  • Data

    Color Black, Amber




    Table Hemp 100%

    Back 50% Cotton Cupra 50%


    -------------------------------------------------------- -----


    Color khaki




    Table 65% Cotton 35% Nylon

    Back 50% Cotton Cupra 50%


    -------------------------------------------------------- -----


    Two tassels with horse leather


    Size chart


    Free Length 97.5 Width 138 Shoulder Width 55.5 Sleeve Length 55.5