Utility Pouch

Utility Pouch

The Utility Pouch organizes the smaller details of your trip.  It is a tiny home to tech accessories and other items in your daily toolkit.  Minimalist organization includes one wide opening with two stretch wall pockets on one side and a larger stretch pocket with strap on the other.  Cables may be fixed via elastic at the bottom of the main cavity. When contents are few, the pouch is flat and disappears into your bag. Being independent, it looks smart on the table.


"The Shift Series connects city and nature. The light weight and minimal design thrive in urban activities. Strong water resistance and rugged durability respond to unpredictable situations in nature. The high performance of the material is disguised by its soft texture, which is similar to “Washi,” traditional Japanese handmade paper. It becomes softer with use it and seamlessly blends into many different situations. With one bag, you can work comfortably in all environments and shift your actions immediately."


55g (1.2lbs)

17 cm x 26 cm x 6cm (6.7” x 10.2” x 2.4”)

Primary Material: 5 oz DCF

Hardware & Secondary Materials: Fidlock Snap & Buckle fasteners, YKK AquaGuard Matte Zippers, Stretch Fabric (Made in Japan)


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