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Backpack V2

Backpack V2

¥ 85,000


Backpack V2 seamlessly connects small daily trips with large travel trips. Effectively deploys 2.92 ounces and 5.0 ounces of DCF for ultra-lightweight yet high capacity and high durability. A separate PC space makes it easy to switch between work and play. A new roll-top feature with one-touch Fidlock makes opening and closing smoother.


* Image attachment parts are not included.



"Shift" connects the city and nature. Lightweight and minimalist design further refines urban activities. High water resistance and durability cope with unexpected situations in nature. The texture of Japanese paper, which becomes softer as you use it, blends into the city, nature, and various landscapes. You can work comfortably in any environment with one bag and shift your actions immediately.

  • Key Specs

    35L (maximum capacity)

    895g (1.97lbs)

    50cm(19.6") [70cm (27.5") max capacity] x 30cm (11.8") x 18cm (7")


    Primary Materials: DCF 5.0 oz & DCF 2.92 oz (5.0 oz - front, back, shoulder straps, bottom, top of roll-top / 2.92 oz - sides, roll-top, base of external pocket)


    Hardware and secondary materials: Fidlock (made in Germany), YKK AquaGuard (made in Japan), Stretch Fabric 100% polyester (made in Japan), Horsehide.


    Stand-alone PC space accommodates up to a 16" MacBook Pro (latest version).

    The bottle holder is compatible with Klean Kanteen's 473ml (16oz) bottles.

  • V2 Improvements

    • <NEW> The shape of the bottom part has been changed to a structure that allows the bag to stand on its own. (The bag will not stand on its own depending on the shape and amount of luggage.)
    • <NEW> The fabric for the roll-top portion has been changed to DCF 5.0 oz.
    • The material of the handle has been changed to horsehide leather.
    • A strip of horsehide leather has been placed at the bottom of the inner back for reinforcement against abrasion.
    • DCF has been upgraded from 2.92 oz to a combination of 2.92 and 5.0 oz, strategically placed for increased durability while keeping the bag lightweight
    • Updated removable sternum strap with Fidlock hardware
    • The bottom of the pack is now reinforced with two layers of 5.0 oz DCF a one layer of four-way stretch material for extra durability and improved stability
    • Added a quick access zippered pocket on the inner top back for keeping small, often-used items handy
    • Added two external four-way stretch bottle holder pockets
    • New side-loading independent laptop section for quick access; laptop section is padded and suspended from the Backpack’s bottom; fits up to a MacBook Pro 16”
    • Upgraded to a thicker EVA frame sheet for enhanced support and comfort; removable
    • Completely redesigned shoulder straps for better fit, streamlined aesthetics and improved comfort with new soft and smooth fabric on inner side of straps; less abrasive to clothing
    • Features a new compression system that automatically expands and compresses while remaining hidden
    • Redesigned inner front pocket layout, featuring new stretch fabric resulting in softer feel and more muted use
    • Built-in strap management controls excess webbing
    • The new Fidlock buckles on each side of the roll top enable simple and magnetically guided operation with a single action
    • When the roll top is completely open, the Fidlock buckles can be easily secured to the roll top so that it does not shake during use
  • About Dyneema® Composite Fabric (DCF)

    We use DCF (Dyneema® Composite Fabric) as the main material in the Shift. DCF is a patented, ultralightweight fabric made of flexible non-woven composite laminates which are reinforced with Dyneema® fibers.

    The fabric is costly but with good reason. It's ultralight, 15x stronger than steel and waterproof. Yet DCF provides the highest tear and tensile strength of any competing fabric on a weight-by-weight/thickness basis. It’s used in projects that demand the absolute best in ultralight and waterproof fabrics for high-performance activities.

  • Care Details

    DCF is a material that is extremely resistant to stretching though more prone to piercing and puncture. Contact with sharp objects or abrasions in the same areas for extended periods can lead to deterioration of the fabric.

    Leaving the material in a prolonged wet or damp state may lead to peeling or delamination of the polyester and Dyneema® layers. The horsehide leather used for the bag may have scuffs, unevenness and minor scratches. Please understand this as a characteristic of natural materials. The leather may be damaged if the bag is left in a damp condition. Please wipe it well and be sure to dry it.

  • About auxiliary materials

    Nylon tape and elastic fabric used inside may be changed to materials with similar properties without notice. Please understand.

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