“Nora” is created based on Noragi, which supported the work and daily lives of agricultural and fishing villages in Japan in the past.


 We used Mikawa cotton, our hometown, and Mino Japanese paper from Mino City, Gifu Prefecture for the weft. The cloth is created an irregular and three-dimensional texture, and resulting in a pattern with depth.


 They were flat when folded, when unfolded the cloth hung down to fit the body, and they could be tied closed with a cord as a belt. A gusseted pocket on the waist and a long center vent on the back. You can roll her sleeves to your liking.


 It is our hope that we can help people feel the wisdom and aesthetic sense of our ancestors in their modern lives, inspiring thoughts of the wind blowing through the trees and the vegetation growing thick on the plains.


Model height: Female 158cm, Male 178cm

Wearing size: Both M size

  • Key Specs

    Height (cm) Length Width shoulder width Sleeve Length
    S ~ 175 105 60 58 51
    M 175-185 115 69 67 51
    L 185-195 125 79 77



    Table: Non-designated fiber (Mino Japanese paper) 15%, cotton 85%

    Back: 100% cotton

    String: Horse leather

    The waist cord can be removed.

  • About the material

    We use Mikawa cotton, which has been passed down in our hometown, for Nora. They are woven slowly on an old shuttle loom to create a cloth that is thick and puffy and abundantly durable, moisturizing and absorbent. The surface of the cloth has a billowy texture and is sleek and pleasant, avoiding sticking to the skin. Due to the nature of the cloth, it has some unevenness in the weave. When washing, please use a net and avoid drying machines, letting it dry in the shade instead.