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Nora Fabric

Nora Fabric

"Nora" is based on Noragi clothes that once supported the work and life of the people of Japan's agricultural, forestry, and fishing villages, and is made to fit the modern lifestyle.


 The fabric is made of Mikawa cotton, our hometown, and the weft is made of Mino washi paper from Mino City, Gifu Prefecture. The fabric is woven with air, giving it an irregular and three-dimensional feel, and a deep pattern emerges.



 The washed fabric is soft to the touch, with the core tension of Japanese paper. The uneven surface prevents the fabric from sticking to the skin, making it comfortable to use even in the chilly rainy season. You can use it as a lap blanket or blanket at home, or as a stole when you go out. Even if it gets dirty, it can be washed easily, and even if it remains wrinkled, it has a dignified appearance and is easy to handle.


 We hope that you will feel the wisdom and aesthetic sense of our ancestors in your modern life, thinking about the wind blowing through the trees and the plants and trees growing in the fields.


Model height

Female 167cm

Male: 178cm

  • Key Specs


    93 cm x 190 cm (including fringe part)


    Shell : Non-designated fiber (Mino Japanese paper) 15%, cotton 85%


    * Since it is dried in the sun after washing, there are individual differences in size due to shrinkage.

    * Due to the characteristics of the fabric made on the old loom, there may be uneven weaving.


  • About the material

    We use Mikawa cotton, which has been passed down in our hometown, for Nora. They are woven slowly on an old shuttle loom to create a cloth that is thick and puffy and abundantly durable, moisturizing and absorbent. The surface of the cloth has a billowy texture and is sleek and pleasant, avoiding sticking to the skin. Due to the nature of the cloth, it has some unevenness in the weave. When washing, please use a net and avoid drying machines, letting it dry in the shade instead.

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