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Paper ball

Paper ball

S ¥ 3,000

S with tassels ¥ 7,000

M ¥ 5,000

M with tassels ¥ 9,000


"Object / Surface" is a product of the image around rofmia in Minokamo City, Gifu Prefecture.


It is a Peper Ball using wrapping paper of rofmia.


Peper Balls are made one by one by an 89-year-old grandmother. When I shopped at rofmia, it was made using the wrapping paper that wrapped the product.


I was surprised at the dexterity of my grandmother who was a futon maker, but at a glance I was fascinated by its beauty. There was a vitality that seemed to start moving in a quiet appearance.


The intricately overlapping creases, the striking form that is not a simple sphere, and the three-dimensional feel are very exciting.


The textures of rocks, water and moss give you freshness and comfort every time you look at it.


Paper Ball Exhibition ”2019.10.13 (sun) -20 (sun)


  • Data

    rofmia Object | Paper Ball

    Size Size

    S 17cm

    M 22cm

    With tassel Both S and M have a total length of 63 cm

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