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Wallet "douguya” Limited Item

Wallet "douguya” Limited Item

Card ¥ 20,000

With Pocket ¥ 22,000


* Delivery is scheduled for mid-August due to build-to-order manufacturing .


This is a limited edition product with douguya, which has a store in Tomigaya, Tokyo. Using black and rust nubuck Dyneema leather, which is the image of douguya furniture, it is a functional and lightweight bag with a profound presence.


A very thin and light wallet. The stitch-free design has a sophisticated look and there is less risk of damage due to abrasion.  The wallet is very thin when folded and doesn't limit your movement when in your pocket.


*It may be difficult to fold it in half at the beginning, but it will work gradually.

  • Key Specs


    Card 17g (0.04lbs) / With Pocket 24g (0.05lbs)

    8.5cm x 9.5cm x 0.5cm (3.3" x 3.7" x 0.2") * Folded

    Card: 8 cards, 7 bills

    With Pocket: 4 cards, 7 bills, 15 coins

    Outer ECCO Nubuck Dyneema Leather (Waterproof) / Inner 2.92 oz + 5oz DCF

    Each time you use it, the inner Dyneema material will wrinkle and naturally crease.

  • About the material


    "DYNEEMA® BONDED LEATHER" is an unprecedented lightweight, ultra-thin yet high-strength material jointly developed by ECCO LEATHER B.V. and DSM Dyneema. The patented material, made by laminating a flexible non-woven fabric reinforced with Dyneema® fiber, is bonded to a thoroughly environmentally friendly cow nubuck leather. The combination of leather made from 0.4 to 0.6 mm and ultra-lightweight Dyneema fiber achieves overwhelming thinness and light weight while maintaining strength. It feels like a taut paper and has some degree of independence.

    Dyneema® fiber is ultra-lightweight, 15 times stronger and more waterproof than iron. It has the highest tear strength and tensile strength of all materials compared on a weight / thickness basis. It is ultra-lightweight, waterproof and used in a variety of environments where high performance is required.

  • Attention

    Dyneema® fiber is a material that is vulnerable to piercing and extremely resistant to elongation. A sharp object touching the same spot for a long time or rubbing against a protrusion may lead to deterioration of the material. If left wet for an extended period of time, the surface layer and Dyneema® layer may peel off. Be sure to dry it completely before storing. Cowhide may become moldy due to humidity and may fade due to ultraviolet rays. Keep it completely dry and out of the sun.

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