Wallet ( $ )

Wallet ( $ )

Normal  ¥12,000

With Pocket ¥14,000


A very thin and light wallet. The stitch-free design has a sophisticated look and there is less risk of damage due to abrasion.  The wallet is very thin when folded and doesn't limit your movement when in your pocket.


US Type is slightly shorter in height to perfectly fit US Dollars.  If you’d like to carry Euros or Yen, please choose the default type.

*It may be difficult to fold it in half at the beginning, but it will work gradually.

7.5cm x 9.5cm × 0.5cm(3.0" x 3.7" × 0.2")*Folded

・Comfortably Holds:8 credit cards, 7 bills, 15g(.03lbs)

・With coin pocket:4 credit cards, 7 bills, 10 coins, 20g(.04lbs)

Type :Dollar

Primary Fabric: 5.0 oz DCF & 2.92 oz DCF

Each time you use it, the inner Dyneema material will wrinkle and naturally crease.